“My daughter was at Life Quest Girls Academy for 5 months. Our journey started when my daughter started losing interest in everything in life except her phone and computer. She progressively lost interest in every facet of life. We had to make a change.

After numerous calls to Randy and Monte we knew this would be the perfect environment for her to regain her self esteem, confidence and work on herself.

We put our faith in Quest and their staff and our daughter went to Utah.

It was the hardest day of my life, however, it was the best day. She was getting the help she needed. The staff was beyond professional.

They treat everyone so respectfully and really get to know the person and their family. Thus, that’s why we loved how “individualized” the program is. Every person has different interests and they develop their potentials.

It is a structured environment so I know my daughter will always be accountable for her time management, however, after trust is earned mutually, their is a lot of freedom.

My daughter has since graduated high school while at Quest. In addition, she is going to college and taking an AP course this summer in preparation for college.

The Academy has changed our daughters life. It has saved her!

Lastly, It takes special people to have the patience and optimism to see these children in a different light. The entire staff is beyond wonderful. They gain so much trust with the girls and that is so important for the healing process to begin.

We feel blessed to know these wonderful people.”