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Attachment Issues Inside Your Loving Home?

Life Quest Girls Academy is a unique boarding school to help families heal from a distance. Whether your daughter is adopted or not, Life Quest Girls Academy is designed to best help teenage girls who demonstrate symptoms associated with Reactive Attachment Disorder (R.A.D)

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Because families should get to decide the terms of their daughter's care.

Is your daughter…

• Diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (R.A.D.)?

• Not attaching well to her home environment and family?

• Putting your family at risk?

• Compromising your relationship with your other children?

• Putting stress on your marriage?

• Intelligent, but lacks the confidence and life skills to be successful?

• Needing to safely transition into adulthood?

Life Quest Girls Academy Can Be A Great Fit!

• Wanting to have a job and earn money prior to adulthood?

• Wanting to accelerate her academic learning and go at a quicker pace in order to graduate high school early?

• Seeking Independence and freedom in her daily decisions

• Simply needing a more nurture-free, safe environment?

• Needing to catch up in school, go at her own pace, and recover high school credits?

• Simply needing space away from your loving home?

Daily Choices Defining Lives

Our Mission

Helping families heal by providing short and long-term placement in a safe, structured environment with RAD-specific trained and knowledgeable staff;

Providing all students an opportunity to excel academically and to practice and attain specific life skills that will help them succeed and stay safe as adults.


Our Vision

That each of our students safely graduates high school and enters adulthood with employable skills, and confidence that gives them the best opportunity for success in their independent lives.

Unlocking Individual Potential

We understand that not every child is able to attach to their adopted, blended, or even biological families in their home environment. This is of course due to many circumstances, often related to early life trauma they have experienced which typically results in a R.A.D. diagnosis from a qualified professional. While Life Quest Girls Academy does NOT treat Reactive Attachment Disorder, or other individual diagnoses, we are trained, knowledgeable, and experienced in helping students diagnosed with R.A.D. thrive in our safe structured environment where they learn about natural consequences and how to be accountable . Our goal is to keep them in school working towards their high school diploma, allow them time to practice life skills, and eventually help them safely transition into adulthood.


A Healthy Environment for Growth

Short & Long Term Out of Home Placement :

We offer short-term or long-term out of home placement providing a separation that is often needed for girls and their families. This separation allows each student and family member to heal in a way that is best for your family. We understand that each situation is unique.

Holistic Development:

During this time, students are immersed in a highly-structured, academically focused environment that helps them succeed with small class sizes and one-on-one tutoring if needed. Life Quest also values personal development as each student works on and completes our Practicum that is based on life skills, goal setting, and project based learning that prepares each student for real life.

Organic Growth:

We aim for students to experience natural and organic growth by providing opportunities for students to feel natural and organic consequences to their choices. This allows them to mature positively due to a change in environment and the values we promote. We also promote and try to create a "normal" as possible teenage experience so all students can grow and develop in natural, organic ways always under the safe supervision of dedicated staff.

• Life Quest Practicum

Our Life Quest Practicum is designed to promote and teach life skills that contribute to the overall development of a student. It offers a unique blend of learning experiences aimed at fostering maturity and improvement in various aspects of life. We understand that our students will one day be adults in need of basic life skills so they can be successful, productive adults.

• Positive Change through Academic Opportunities

We provide diverse academic opportunities to cater to the different needs and abilities of students including students with IEP's and 504 Plans. The goal is to facilitate learning and growth, enabling students to thrive in a setting that respects and acknowledges their academic capabilities and goals.

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R.A.D. & Traditional Online Focused Academics

Life Quest Girls Academy provides a distraction-free, structured private school where teen girls diagnosed with RAD, who are struggling in their adopted home, can focus most of their time on academics and gaining life skills. Each student is typically on a different educational pace or academic level than their Life Quest peers.

This gives students the opportunity, in a structured and monitored environment, to get caught up with their academics. Many times teenage girls diagnosed with RAD struggle in their public school due to the turmoil at home. Due to the cognitive effects of RAD, they find themselves behind academically speaking and also behind in the area of basic life skills.

Students who are not diagnosed with RAD can also benefit and thrive in our educational environment due to each student focusing on their own individual academics and life skill attainment.

Within reason, all students with IEP or 504 Plans will have all their accommodations met.

Online and in person tutors are available based on the specific needs of the student.

Short-Term Boarding
For Parents & Daughters Needing a Break

We understand that sometimes parents simply need a break from the day-to-day routine and care for their daughter.  We understand that sometimes parents may simply need a vacation or a break at home. Life Quest understands and never passes judgment on a family seeking help. Each family situation is unique and complex.  We also understand that some families may not be ready quite yet for a more long-term separation.  We understand how difficult these decisions can be. 

This is why we are extremely flexible when it comes to short term boarding options because parents and families should get to decide how long the separation needs to be. 

1 week?  2 weeks?  1 month?  3 months? 

Each family situation is unique and there definitely isn’t a one size fits all solution.  Let us help you get the break you need and frankly deserve as you continue to weigh your options and contemplate your daughter’s future.  We’re here to help families heal in their own unique way. You tell us what you need and let us help you explore our many options and opportunities. 

Not Quite Ready For Long-Term Boarding?

Please fill out the form below to find out more information about our short-term options and how it can help you, and your daughter, take a break and heal while away from home.

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Transitional Living
Aftercare Housing For Your Transition to Adulthood

Life Quest Girls Academy has been a place where young women can explore their potential, gain valuable life skills, and overcome challenges that they may have faced. The journey, however, doesn’t stop there. Once students graduate from the Academy, or coming to us after turning 18 in another school or placement, they often wonder, “What’s next?”

Our transitional housing program is specifically designed to be the next step in this journey, offering a bridge toward a more independent lifestyle while ensuring ongoing support. Our transitional housing students live in an apartment adjacent to our boarding school where they can practice independent living while being supervised and supported in a unique agreed upon way. Our goal is to help each transitional living student ease into adulthood at a pace they feel comfortable with.

Find Out More About Transitional Housing

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