A Safe & Positive Boarding School Experience for Struggling Teenage Girls Looking for Success in Life & Academics

A Normalized Teenage Experience Where Each Student Can Customize Their Journey

Year-round Enrollment & Scholarship Opportunities Available

Is your daughter…

  • Adopted or not adopted and not attaching well to her home environment and family?
  • Diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (R.A.D.)?
  • Low cognitive and behind in school?
  • Struggling in her current environment at home, at school, or with peer groups?
  • Intelligent, but lacks the confidence and life skills to be successful?
  • Needing to transition into adulthood soon?


  • Wanting to have a job and earn money prior to adulthood?
  • Wanting to accelerate her academic learning and go at a quicker pace in order to graduate high school early?
  • Struggling to build relationships & recognize healthy boundaries?
  • Seeking Independence and freedom in her daily decisions


If so, Life Quest Girls Academy is a great fit!

Daily Choices Defining Lives


Our Mission

Providing a safe environment where teenage girls can focus on individualized online academics, vocational and life skills, and personal development as they prepare for a bright future.


Our Vision

Living in a world filled with strong, confident, successful, self-reliant women who care for themselves and others as they constantly make the world a better place wherever they are found.

Unlocking Individual Potential

We understand that not every student thrives in a public education environment. This may be due to varying cognitive abilities, socialization skills, or the influence of peer group choices. At our institution, we believe in fostering an environment where students can grow, mature, and improve in numerous positive ways.

A Nurturing Environment for Growth

  • Brief Separation: We offer a program lasting 9-12 months, approximately one academic school year, providing a brief separation for students and their families. This separation allows each family member to focus on individual growth and development.
  • Holistic Development: During this time, students are immersed in an environment that promotes not only academic opportunities but also values personal development through our Life Quest Practicum.
  • Organic Growth: We aim for students to experience natural and organic growth, maturing positively due to a change in environment and the values we instill.

Life Quest Practicum

Our Life Quest Practicum is designed to promote and teach values that contribute to the overall development of a student. It offers a unique blend of learning experiences aimed at fostering maturity and improvement in various aspects of life.

Positive Change through Academic Opportunities

We provide diverse academic opportunities to cater to the different needs and abilities of students. The goal is to facilitate learning and growth, enabling students to thrive in a setting that respects and acknowledges individuality.

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Academic Programs & Activities

Life Quest Girls Academy provides a distraction-free, structured private school where teen girls who may be struggling in a traditional school setting can focus most of their time on academics. Each student is typically on a different educational pace or level than their Life Quest peers. This gives students the opportunity, in a structured and monitored environment, to get caught up with their academics. Many times teenage girls who have been through a therapeutic boarding school, or who have struggled in the standard education system, find they are academically behind their peers.


Life Quest Girls Academy provides a distraction-free, structured private school where teen girls who may be struggling in a traditional school setting can focus most of their time on academics.

Residential Life

 We teach girls inside and outside the classroom to adopt a holistic approach to their educational status, their physical health, and their relationships. We recognize the need for lifestyle training and have taken it one step further –we have made it an integral part of our overall program


At Life Quest Girls Academy, our after-school courses and programs ensure your daughter has the best preparation for a career directly out of high school, university entry or whatever path her life takes her after Life Quest.

Articles & Resources

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Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Goal setting is an integral part of a successful mindset. Students at Life Quest Girls Academy understand the basics of specific goals, and how to apply them.