Life Quest Girls Academy helps provide a future for teenage girls who have gotten off track in life. - boarding schools and faith-based boarding schools.
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Beyond Academics,
Girls Learn a Positive Lifestyle

More than just a boarding school for girls, Life Quest is about propelling teenage girls (ages 13-18) beyond the traditional classroom to their future. We help each student identify and begin to take advantage of her unique strengths, talents, and abilities, which will make her fully confident, prepared, and ready for life, including college or a vocation. Life Quest helps your daughter learn the application process for college admissions, including scholarships, as well as skills for employment, be hired, and how to succeed with any job.

Life Quest is unique among girls schools in Arizona and Utah. In addition to academics and lifestyle training, our real-life training program includes skills for adulthood:  Interview Skills • Art & Design • Healthy Living • Cuisine & Culinary • Music and Dance • Career Research • Using Digital & Social Media for a Career • Physical Fitness • Obtaining Employment On or Off Campus

Ask about our available scholarships! Your daughter may qualify for tuition assistance.

Year-Round Boarding School that Will Nurture Your Girl, Just Like You Would Do

Life Quest Girls Academy goes beyond the traditional definition of a boarding school. Like a good parent, we teach the girls outside of the classroom to adopt a holistic approach to their mental status, their physical health, and their relationships.  We recognize the need for lifestyle training  and have taken it one step further — we have made it an integral part of our overall program.  Our nationally accredited school prepares the girls for college and for life, including college entrance exam courses and mock testing, advanced placement classes, scholarship application training, college selection, and more. But we nurture and educate the girl in every aspect of life, encouraging personal discipline of mind and body.  We train her in positive thinking and respect for others and for the environment, plus give her tools to foster inner peace and confidence. We teach each girl to respect herself and her own future.  We prepare her for a successful, self-dependent, life in college or career.


Disciplined, mature living begins with a disciplined, grounded thought life.


A healthy body and self-image is a crucial foundation in life.


Maturing as a human is closely related to developing spiritual wisdom.

How Life Quest Will Help Your Daughter


By instilling a thirst for learning, lifelong study, and intellectual growth in every girl


By teaching responsibility and respect for others in every aspect of life


By building the ability in every girl to become self-directed and disciplined


By training leadership skills the girls will need in college and career


By identifying each girl’s unique strengths, talents, dreams, and abilities


Mentoring and skillful training to excel in a career.

Life Quest

Hear from Life Quest leadership about our unique,
effective approach to encouraging a holistic lifestyle.

Life Quest Enrollment is Easy! Use our online inquiry form to establish a connection with our Admissions Department. Overall, our team’s focus is on building in each girl a foundation of learning, care, respect, relationship, trust, and service toward others. We give girls a new excitement for learning and discovering unique vocational experiences in today’s world.  This program is truly unique.

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