Life Quest Girls Academy helps provide a future for teenage girls who have gotten off track in life. - schools for troubled teens and ranch schools.
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Beyond Academics, A New Kind of Boarding School
Struggling Girls Learn a Positive Lifestyle

Offering a new approach to a boarding school, Life Quest propels teenage girls (ages 13-18) beyond the traditional classroom into promising academic success and a rich vocational future. Whether transitioning out of residential or wilderness programs, or directly enrolled from home, we help each student identify and begin to take advantage of her unique strengths, talents, and abilities. Life Quest helps to make students fully confident, prepared, and ready for life, including college or a vocation. We help your daughter find purpose, as well as prepare for college admissions, including scholarships, while also focusing on skills for employment.

Life Quest is unique among girls boarding schools in Arizona and Utah. In addition to academics and lifestyle training, our real-life training program includes skills for adulthood:  Interview Skills • Art & Design • Healthy Living • Cuisine & Culinary • Music and Dance • Career Research • Using Digital & Social Media for a Career • Physical Fitness • Obtaining Employment On or Off Campus

Ask about our available scholarships! Your daughter may qualify for tuition assistance.

As a Non-Therapeutic Boarding School, Life Quest is More Affordable. And We Provide Outpatient Counseling for Students in Need.



Disciplined, mature living begins with a disciplined, grounded thought life.



A healthy body and self-image is a crucial foundation in life.



Maturing as a human is closely related to developing spiritual wisdom.

How Life Quest Academy Will Help Your Daughter


By instilling a thirst for learning, lifelong study, and intellectual growth in every girl


By teaching responsibility and respect for others in every aspect of life


By building the ability in every girl to become self-directed and disciplined


By training leadership skills the girls will need in college and career


By identifying each girl’s unique strengths, talents, dreams, and abilities


Mentoring and skillful training to excel in a career.


Life Quest Academy

Hear from Life Quest leadership about our unique,
effective approach to encouraging a holistic lifestyle.

Here's What Parents and Students Say About Life Quest!


“My daughter was at Life Quest Girls Academy for 5 months. Our journey started when my daughter started losing interest in everything in life except her phone and computer. She progressively lost interest in every facet of life. We had to make a change. After numerous calls to Randy and Monte we knew this would be the… Read more “FROM MAUREEN”

Life Quest Parent

“Our daughter was at Life Quest Academy for girls for 4 months. The Academy was part of our transition plan for our daughter after she completed a program at Re-Creation Retreat. The Academy allowed our daughter to continue to grow and work on herself in a structured environment. During her time at the Academy she… Read more “Life Quest Parent”


“We are so grateful to you all. We are certain that you have heard over and over from so many families that you saved their daughters life. Thank you for everything! We are grateful that we found RCR. If not for RCR we don’t know what the status of our family would be…. But we… Read more “FROM THE SHAHAR FAMILY”


“My 17 year old daughter has been at Re-Creation Retreat for 7 months and has made great progress and exhibited much growth in valuing herself, her family and in making healthy and positive choices for her future. As many of us as parents may witness atrophy in honesty, integrity and honor in society and in… Read more “FROM VANESSA”


“Thank you for all you do for the girls. Thank you for your kindness, patience and support. We appreciate all the work you all do. We are able to sleep at night knowing our daughter is safe and in an environment where she can learn to be the girl we know her to be!”


“I just want to tell you how how grateful we are for the work you all are doing. We can see changes in our daughter & you’ve given us reason to hope for better days ahead. I know you all may have different reasons for the work you’ve chosen, but I’m so glad you’ve chosen… Read more “FROM LAURA”


“Re-Creation Retreat saved my daughter. She has an inner dignity now which she lacked going into the program. She now experiences happiness in the present and has positive plans for the future. She is using her intelligence for college courses and being responsible in a job. I am now happy to have her living at… Read more “FROM ANN”


“Life Quest Girls Academy helped me be able to apply and complete the admissions requirements for Dixie State University. I was accepted and I am now enrolled in college classes for the fall. They have been so good about giving me the time and structure I need to let me work on things that will… Read more “FROM MADYSON”


“Life Quest Girls Academy helped me through the entire employment process. They helped me create my first resume and coached me through the application and interview process. I now have a job and I am able to save money and budget for my future. I love being able to work and feel a sense of… Read more “FROM TASHA”


“This is an all girls school for troubled teens. The girls cook and clean up their own meals. They do a 12 Step program. They do online schooling for 5 hours a day. They learn to take responsibility for their actions. It is a fantastic program. My daughter is making wonderful progress. So thankful to… Read more “FROM GEORGIA HAGLER”


“Life Quest is so much more than a girls academy. My daughter is learning life skills, how to manage money, cooking and so much more in a loving, caring environment. I highly recommend Life Quest Girls Academy. I am so grateful for them because they are truly making a difference in these girls’ lives each… Read more “FROM MALISSA ROUX”


“Sequoya expressed how she liked the group talks and the writing. It truly helped her. 
Thanks again for all your help.”


“Thank you. We deeply appreciate ALL you do!! You are a HUGE blessing in all our lives! You are in our prayers!”

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Life Quest Academy Enrollment is Easy! Use our online inquiry form to establish a connection with our Admissions Department. Overall, our team’s focus is on building in each girl a foundation of learning, care, respect, relationship, trust, and service toward others. We give girls a new excitement for learning and discovering unique vocational experiences in today’s world.  This boarding school program is truly unique.

Contact us to learn how we can motivate your girl toward success.

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