About Life Quest Girls Academy

Offering a new approach to academic success, Life Quest propels teenage girls (ages 12-18) beyond the normal classroom environment offering both traditional and vocational post graduational opportunities. Whether transitioning out of residential or wilderness programs, or directly enrolled from home, we help each student identify and begin to take advantage of her unique strengths, talents, and abilities. Life Quest helps to make students fully confident, prepared, and ready for life, including college or a vocation. We help your daughter find purpose, as well as prepare for college admissions, including scholarships, while also focusing on skills for employment.


Student Testimonials

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“Life Quest Girls Academy helped me be able to apply and complete the admissions requirements for Dixie State University. I was accepted and I am now enrolled in college classes for the fall. They have been so good about giving me the time and structure I need to let me work on things that will actually help me with my future.”


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“Life Quest Girls Academy helped me through the entire employment process. They helped me create my first resume and coached me through the application and interview process. I now have a job and I am able to save money and budget for my future. I love being able to work and feel a sense of pride knowing that I am doing something good for myself and my future.”


The girls cook and clean up their own meals....They do online schooling for 5 hours a day. They learn to take responsibility for their actions. It is a fantastic program. My daughter is making wonderful progress. So thankful to the staff who work with her every day.

Geogia H.

Parent Testimonials

Campus Virtual Tour

Take a quick virtual tour of the Life Quest Girls Aacademy Campus

“My daughter was at Life Quest Girls Academy for 5 months. Our journey started when my daughter started losing interest in everything in life except her phone and computer. She progressively lost interest in every facet of life. We had to make a change. After numerous calls to Monte we knew this would be the perfect environment for her to regain her self esteem, confidence and work on herself. We put our faith in Quest and their staff and our daughter went to Utah. It was the hardest day of my life, however, it was the best day. She was getting the help she needed. The staff was beyond professional. They treat everyone so respectfully and really get to know the person and their family. Thus, that’s why we loved how “individualized” the program is. Every person has different interests and they develop their potentials. It is a structured environment so I know my daughter will always be accountable for her time management, however, after trust is earned mutually, their is a lot of freedom. My daughter has since graduated high school while at Quest. In addition, she is going to college and taking an AP course this summer in preparation for college. The Academy has changed our daughters life. It haHeadlines saved her! Lastly, It takes special people to have the patience and optimism to see these children in a different light. The entire staff is beyond wonderful. They gain so much trust with the girls and that is so important for the healing process to begin. We feel bleParagraphssed to know these wonderful people.”


Ten months ago we made one of the hardest decision of our life. We decided to send our beautiful 16 year old daughter away to an all girl boarding school in Utah. She was not heading in the right direction in her life. We realized that the window was small to get her on a path to success. We did our research and found an amazing all girl school in Utah called Life Quest Girl’s Academy. Here Tali learned to be independent, to look inside herself, to love herself, to communicate her needs, to heal herself. The transformation has far exceeded our expectations!

Tali has become a true leader who is now making this world a better place. She is also leading her peers by setting an incredible example and mentoring other girls in the school. Recently Tali did a bake sale to raise money to help the less fortunate. She raised $200 with her bake sale. She then used the money to buy healthy food for families in need. She spent hours in the kitchen cooking and baking for them. The results lot’s of smiling happy people that she touched and even brought to tears. Tali is now 17 and is coming back home to us on April 20th. We are counting down the days for her return. Our relationship with our daughter had completely transformed and our heart are overflowing with Gratitude to G♥️D. Her beautiful light is shining bright and she is excited about the journey ahead.

Noah C.

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“Life Quest is so much more than a girls academy. My daughter is learning life skills, how to manage money, cooking and so much more in a loving, caring environment. I highly recommend Life Quest Girls Academy. I am so grateful for them because they are truly making a difference in these girls’ lives each and every day!”

Melissa R.

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Take a quick virtual tour of the Life Quest Girls Aacademy Campus

“Thank you for all you do for the girls. Thank you for your kindness, patience and support. We appreciate all the work you all do. We are able to sleep at night knowing our daughter is safe and in an environment where she can learn to be the girl we know her to be!”


“Good afternoon Monte. After reading Sam’s portfolio, I am so encouraged! Most of her writing brought me to tears…..this is such a great way of healing as she’s always internalized her problems and denied when I asked her about issues that bothered her.I also read & saw some areas of improvement for myself in order to have a better relationship with her & be a better mama. I see a lot of growth in her; acceptance to her mistakes & wanting to be better. I truly hope this continues. We had a wonderful conversation on Sunday, which hadn’t happened in a long time. I thank God for your program/school, as it is changing her life. Am praying that it’s doing the same for the other girls. I’ll continue to read her portfolios.”


Campus Virtual Tour

Take a quick virtual tour of the Life Quest Girls Aacademy Campus