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Offering a new approach to academic success, Life Quest propels teenage girls (ages 12-18) beyond the normal classroom environment offering both traditional and vocational post graduational opportunities. Whether transitioning out of residential or wilderness programs, or directly enrolled from home, we help each student identify and begin to take advantage of her unique strengths, talents, and abilities. Life Quest helps to make students fully confident, prepared, and ready for life, including college or a vocation. We help your daughter find purpose, as well as prepare for college admissions, including scholarships, while also focusing on skills for employment.

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More Than Just An Educational Opportunity

Life Quest Girls Academy, located in beautiful Southern Utah, is not a therapeutic program, but it does bring about a new way of thinking for the girls here. We partner with families looking for a better option than the traditional school system for their girl who may not be excelling in life. Life Quest offers more opportunities than a traditional school, as well as real life experiences and vocational tools for their daughters.

Life Quest Girls Academy works to provide teen girls an understanding of the importance of paying it forward and being generous in sharing the knowledge and skills they have learned with their children and others throughout their lifetime. The opportunities we provide at Life Quest give our students tools they can take with them enable them to have and live successful lives such as:

• Art, Design & Painting

• Healthy Living

• Cuisine & Culinary

• Music and Dance

• Using Digital & Social Media for a Career

• Physical Fitness, Yoga and so much more.

Here they will focus on academics. Our academic objectives are tailored to each student and can mean working to receive their high school diplomas, complete the requirements for a GED, apply to colleges, take AP and concurrent classes, and apply for college scholarships.

Students will be taught and expected to maintain a budget, and they will understand and appreciate that life costs money. They will use a budget to put money aside for rent, utilities, and food. They will create their menus, shop for food within a budget, and cook and prepare all their meals.

In addition to all this, Life Quest will offer other life skills and guidance from mentors. Our staff will help them focus on personal development skills as they lead and encourage student participation in group sessions about life values. Staff will hold students accountable and expect that they are on task and following rules and structure. Students will be expected to maintain good personal hygiene, present themselves well daily, and take care of their physical bodies as they exercise daily. Students will keep and maintain clean and orderly private spaces as well as standard, work, and school spaces.

Girls at Life Quest will learn to get along with their peers as they live with friends and new acquaintances. Students will continue to learn the importance of respect for others including peers, co-workers, authority figures such as staff and employers. Students will also have the opportunity to develop other essential life skills.

Life Quest Girls Academy is a home away from home where students can spread their wings in a safe and structured environment that will still require them to show accountability. We allow them to put to use life skills that will give them more confidence as they continue to gain more and more independence. We help these girls succeed by providing them with the opportunities and tools to do so. Each girl will begin a new quest for a fruitful and fulfilling life while here at Life Quest Academy.

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Academic Programs & Activities

Life Quest Girls Academy provides a distraction-free, structured private school where teen girls who may be struggling in a traditional school setting can focus most of their time on academics. Each student is typically on a different educational pace or level than their Life Quest peers. This gives students the opportunity, in a structured and monitored environment, to get caught up with their academics. Many times teenage girls who have been through a therapeutic boarding school, or who have struggled in the standard education system, find they are academically behind their peers.