Life Quest Girl’s Academy is a structured private school that helps teenage girls who struggle focusing on their academics, who need academic recovery, or who are looking for a more rigorous educational outlook through academic acceleration. We recognize that each individual learns at their own pace and in their own way and that various life circumstances may have put them academically behind, or they want to earn their diploma quicker than a public school may allow. Our approach guides each student, regardless of their current academic level, to catch up with their peers at home, or accelerate beyond the status quo.

Whether it is making up credits, graduating from high school, studying for the GED, or preparing for the SAT/ACT, students attending Life Quest learn to take responsibility for their own academic goals. Students are also encouraged to get as many college credits as possible if they so choose.

Upon enrollment, a specialized academic plan is created that is tailor-made for each girl’s academic goals and will be monitored through our online school known as Alta Independent High School.

A student’s academic focus includes, but is not limited to:

• Completing Middle/High School Course Work

• Obtaining their Learners Permit through Driver’s Ed

• Earning High School Diploma

• GED Prep

• SAT Prep

• ACT Prep

• Earning College Credit

• Earning Associate’s Degree

Life Quest is structured around the needs of middle school. junior high, and high school girls who are transitioning out of extremely structured environments or need the added benefit of additional structure in their academic journey. Each student must reach certain benchmarks each week to be eligible for privileges such as off-campus activities and to advance through the Self-Improvement Course.

Our academic approach at Life Quest Girl’s Academy is geared toward helping your daughter succeed, make personal goals that not only prompt growth but are achievable, and improve her quality of life for many years to come.

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