Life Quest Girls Academy

Offers students, depending on their grade level, an online middle or an online high school curriculum.


Our curriculum is accredited through our partnership with Alta Independent High School. Life Quest Girls Academy endorses Alta Independent and has a long time, healthy, working relationship with them.

Alta Independent was established to provide an online alternative to traditional education.


Life Quest and Alta provide an educational experience and environment that allows students to thrive and advance through their academics at their own pace and embracing their own unique learning style. 

Alta’s accessible online platform allows them to invest their resources into your daughter’s education. This is done with the intent to prepare students to successfully transition to higher education, career readiness, or the competitive workforce.

Life Quest and Alta both honor and accept current IEP and 504 Plans in place with remedial classes available for students in need.

Alta Independent is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) through Cognia (formerly AdvancED).


Alta provides curriculum & coursework for grades 6-12.


Life Quest Girls Academy recognizes that each individual learns at their own pace and in their own way and that various life circumstances may have put them academically behind, or they want to earn their diploma quicker than a public school may allow.

Our approach guides each student, regardless of their current academic level, to catch up with their peers at home, or accelerate beyond the status quo. The option to "catch up" or "accelerate quicker" through school is there for each student to take advantage of depending on their unique academic situation. We simply guide each student to push themselves to reach their highest potential and to see the benefit their high school diploma will bring to their lives.

Whether it is making up credits, graduating from high school, studying for the GED, or preparing for the SAT/ACT, students attending Life Quest learn to take responsibility for their own academic goals. Students are also encouraged to get as many college credits as possible if they so choose.

Upon enrollment, a specialized academic plan is created that is tailor-made for each girl’s academic goals and will be monitored by both Life Quest Girls Academy and Alta Independent High School as they collaborate for the benefit of all students and desire all students to succeed.

A student’s academic focus includes, but is not limited to:

• Completing Middle/High School Course Work

• Obtaining their Learners Permit through Driver’s Ed

• Earning High School Diploma

• GED Prep

• SAT Prep

• ACT Prep

• Earning College Credit

• Earning Associate’s Degree

Each student must reach certain academic goals and benchmarks with regards to their grades, assignments, tests, etc. each week in order to be eligible for privileges such as off-campus activities and to advance through the Life Quest Practicum.

The Life Quest Practicum

The Life Quest Practicum is a required class that each student takes while enrolled at Life Quest Girls Academy. The Practicum is part of each students school schedule and by completing the Practicum students will earn academic elective credits towards their high school diploma.

The Practicum is a hands on way for each student to put into practice many life skills and life passions that help them become well rounded individuals who actually have some life experience. The Practicum teaches students how to plan for their future and how to set appropriate goals to reach their greatest potential. The Practicum culminates with a Capstone Project that requires each student to perform an act of service for Life Quest and/or the local community as a way to give back and serve others in need.

The Practicum also provides an option for students who desire to apply for off campus employment. With parental guidance and approval, if a student wants a job before leaving Life Quest, they are able to qualify for that privilege through successful completion of our "Practicum Internship". Students who desire this option really prepare themselves for the real world as they become competent, employable individuals.

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