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Goal Setting

November 15, 20233 min read

Goal Setting

by Life Quest Girls Academy | Sep 3, 2022


"A recent Harvard Business Study revealed a shocking fact – more than 80% of people have not taken advantage of goal setting opportunities in their lives. This is shocking when you look at the numbers, but perhaps not surprising when you consider how many people are seemingly depressed, directionless, and jaded."

Young boys and girls needed role models and direction when they’re young, so they grow into adults that are driven and passionate about life. A girls boarding school offers this sort of direction to young girls around the clock and teaches them the importance of having goals. 

But, how should they set specific goals?

Keep reading to help the young scholar in your life set meaningful goals in her life

Examine the Long Game and Reverse Engineer 

Most people don’t have specific goals because they can’t see the big picture. Teach your daughter or young scholar the importance of thinking about her future so that she can also learn to reverse engineer it into smaller goals year after year. 

No dream or goal is off the table, and the more detailed, the better. Teach her to explore her thoughts and feelings on everything from future career and family life, to college, athletics, awards, and achievements. Once the goal is plain, she can break down the steps it’ll take to get there. 

Make Your Goals Measurable 

Experts agree that goals should be measurable. Use the acronym of SMART goals to help:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Assignable

  • Realistic

  • Time-Related

Framing it this way helps young girls set measurable goals that they can tackle each day. Applying SMART goals is the difference between making a dream into a reality, and having it remain a passive pipedream. 

Change the Environment

If you want your young scholar setting achievable goals, relevant goals, and time-bound goals, it boils down to one thing – environment. She’ll keep spinning in circles until she changes the variables that she sees and interacts with in her day-to-day life. 

This is why boarding school is so helpful for many young girls. Keeping young girls engaged in academics is an important part of helping them enter adulthood while avoiding risk factors. By attending a girls academy and living around like-minded girls interested in achieving, she’ll stay focused and motivated. 

Changing an environment means cutting out distractions and limiting any intake that doesn’t support her goals. 


Implement Journaling and Accountability

Journaling should be part of every goal setting plan. Having a journaling practice also helps people build a stronger memory and grow their self-confidence. 

It helps a person clear their mind and break down what is working and what’s not. Keeping a journal is useful when goals setting in academic recovery, or just to deal with the daily stresses and mental clutter that life brings. 

Along with journaling, make sure that your young girl has a solid accountability group. When her friends and fellow scholars are all locked in chasing their goals, it becomes a motivating factor that keeps them all engaged. 

Setting Achievable Goals 101

Setting specific goals is a big part of life. When it comes to goals setting in academic acceleration, attending a boarding school might be the best thing possible. 

Life Quest Girls Academy takes pride in shaping the bright-minded girls of today into the productive, well-adjusted women of tomorrow.

To learn more about our academy, the admissions process, and other important information, contact us via our inquiry form, or give us a call at (435) 294-3129.

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