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Why a Break from Social Media May Be Needed

November 13, 20233 min read

Why a Break from Social Media May Be Needed

by Life Quest Girls Academy | Sep 21, 2022

More and more people of all ages are taking a social media break these days.

97% of kids aged 13-17 have used social media and 75% of those have active accounts. There are some benefits to social media for teenagers, like staying connected with friends and finding community.

There are also countless risks, especially for teenage girls. Social media can be an extremely toxic environment, not to mention the fact that it’s a huge distraction from more important things – school, in-person interaction, and family activities.

If you’re sending your daughter to an academic boarding school, you might want to consider one that’s social media-free. Keep reading and we’ll tell you why a break from social media might be the right move for your child.


Social Media and Approval

At its core, social media has become all about the approval of others. Whether your child is posting countless selfies or videos on Instagram and TikTok or checking Twitter replies, they get a little dopamine hit every time someone likes what they’ve done.

Getting this approval eventually becomes an addiction like any other. Teenage girls are already going through a period of intense self-consciousness. By spending hours per day on social media, they’re feeding into this, which often leads to depressive feelings.

Improved Study Habits

According to Common Sense Media, the average American teen spends over 5 hours per day on social media. The negative impacts of social media on education are fairly obvious.

Kids are distracted by social media, which keeps them from giving their full attention to their studies. When it’s time for homework, it’s going to be even worse. Putting your child in a social media-free environment will help with academic acceleration and set them up for success later in life.


Missing Out on Social Experiences

A young girl’s teenage years are crucial for their social development. While social media can be a helpful tool, it’s much better for them to have in-person interactions with peers. If they’re spending all of their time on their phone, they’ll miss out on important social experiences.

In a boarding school environment, your daughter will be surrounded by other kids. Without social media in the fold, they’ll be able to meet new people and flourish in a more social environment. 

It Creates a Distorted View of Reality

Social media creates a distorted reality for our children. As girls enter their teenage years, they’re starting to look for the things that will form their identity moving forward. If they’re looking at Instagram models and social media influencers, they’re getting an unrealistic depiction of modern life.

If you don’t want your daughter to be influenced by these so-called trendsetters, keep them away from social media. It will improve their self-image and overall mental health during these formative years. 

Your Social Media-Free Academic Boarding School

At Life Quest Academy, we offer a new kind of academic boarding school. We give our students a chance to get away from social media and engage in a better educational environment. 

To learn more about our educational philosophy, visit our website today.

When you’re ready to enroll, contact us and fill out an application.

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