Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my daughter expected to stay at Life Quest?

We recommend at least 10 months, or one full school year. This will also be determined by her pace in completing the required Life Quest Practicum Course along with making consistent academic progress.  If a student is not making acceptable progress in school, or in the required Practicum course, her stay may be longer than the typical stay of 10 months.

Who is my main point of contact after my daughter arrives at Life Quest?

One of our Directors at the school will be assigned specifically to you for all communication needs.  During the first week of you daughters stay at Life Quest, phone calls, texts, emails, etc. can be as frequent as needed in order to ensure that your daughter has sufficiently settled into her new surroundings.  After her first week or so of being at Life Quest, where everyone involved feels like she is comfortable in her new environment, we then recommend that communication with your assigned Director becomes weekly.  This weekly communication will be scheduled and put on the calendar so it remains consistent throughout your daughters stay at Life Quest Girls Academy.  Your assigned Director can navigate you to speak with the correct person at Life Quest if it is something out of their area of expetise.  For example if there is a health related question, or a tuition payment question, etc. your assigned Director can put you in contact with the correct person at Life Quest who can adequately answer your additional questions you may have. 

How often can I have a call with my daughter?

We believe that regular communication with your daughter is important and needed.  At a minimum, students will have a regular scheduled 30 minute call with their families once a week.  If it is desired, students may also have family Zoom calls of up to 30 minutes in length instead of phone calls.  Any additional communication if desired would need to be approved by the Executive Director.  It is likely additional communication would be approved as we recommend frequent communication with family.  The only road block we may encounter would be scheduling.  If the additional communication created a conflict with other student calls we may have to get creative, but we would do our best to accommodate your additional communication request.   

Can I come visit my daughter?

Yes! Visiting your daughter to show your support and love is highly encouraged.  However, there are a couple requests when it comes to visits in general.  First of all we request that the visits are made known to staff before someone simply arrives on campus for a visit.  Unscheduled, blindside visits rarely go well, and can lead to some unforseen emotional struggles when they are all said and done.  It is recommended that there is a specific purpose for visiting. Staff can help prepare the student emotionally for the visit to ensure that it goes well and as planned.  Second, we request that your daughter be consistently progressing in school prior to having a visit.  If your daughter is choosing to not make progress in school, we would hope you would choose not to visit.  If she is struggling to stay on task in school, you can send her the right message that a visit from family needs to be earned by making adequate progress in school.  This may incentivize her to start completing her school assignments in a timely manner so she can qualify for a visit.  Ultimately, as her family, you will have the final say as to whether or not a visit would be beneficial or not.  We of course encourage productive visits that are encouraging and uplifting.  

How often can I write letters to my daughter? And can she write back?

Letters are always welcome and should be uplifting and supportive of your daughter and her progress in school.  (Parents can send Emails  and staff can print them off for students if parents don’t want to send traditional letters) If students choose, they may hand write letters to their family on a daily basis.  Outgoing letters will be sent through the post office once a week.

Can I email my daughter?

Absolutely! In fact, our Academy Director may also ask you at times to write a quick email to your daughter to help motivate her when she has tough academic days that undoubtedly will come throughout this journey.

Can I Facetime or Zoom call with my daughter?

We understand that some families may want want to actually see their daughter instead of just hear her voice. If desired, in addition to weekly scheduled phone calls, Zoom and Facetime calls can be arranged on a monthly basis and can be up to 40 minutes in length.

Zoom and Facetime is also allowed for special occasions like birthdays and certain holidays upon parent request. 

What if my daughter makes poor choices while at Life Quest?

We understand that young teenage minds are still in the process of consistently making wise choices. We have in place a system of accountability for all choices students make.  We expect all our students to follow the Code of Conduct on a daily basis. We recognize that all situations are unique and everyone handles them differently. Our staff is trained to help students recognize their choices, help them take accountability, and move forward in a kind and forgiving manner.  It is okay to make mistakes, however we don’t consider it okay to blatantly make mistakes in a rebellious manner.  Students need to be willing to take accountability for and correct any poor choices they may make while enrolled at Life Quest.  Students who are not willing to correct their mistakes and who continuously rebel in their behavior choices are not the right fit for our environment.    

What kind of rooms or dorms do the students stay in?

Each room has up to 4 beds, a bathroom, a closet, a dresser and its own heating/cooling unit.

Will my daughter have a roommate?

Yes. Each student has up to 3 roommates at any given time.

Is my daughter allowed to have her cell phone, or other electronic devices?

No. The only personal electronic device students may have is a preloaded music player (MP3) that does not have internet access. There are computers for student use with internet filters installed designated for school, and school related projects.

How will staff be able to help my daughter if they are not trained therapists?

Life Quest staff is trained on how to be an effective mentor and/or advisor to each student. This includes setting healthy and appropriate boundaries, how to offer help, assistance, etc. The goal of our staff is to help our students recognize the importance of healthy relationships and that respect and kindness will be reciprocated. Staff are also trained never to have a negative interaction with students and to always be the adult in the room, acting through kindness even with hard conversations.  If a student has deep traumatic issues, we recommend that she meets regularly with a professional therapist.  Although Life Quest does not provide the therapy, we can help facilitate it by providing transportation to and from appointments, as well as provide a quiet setting for Zoom or other online therapy sessions to take place.   

What if my daughter needs to see a therapist?

Life Quest does not have any therapists on staff, though we can make recommendations for local therapists to contact during her enrollment if you feel there is a need. Although Life Quest does not provide the therapy, we can help facilitate it by providing transportation to and from appointments, as well as provide a quiet setting for Zoom or other online therapy sessions to take place.     

What do the students do for fun?

Many students are involved in outdoor activities such as hiking, 4-wheeling, wilderness exploring, and other activities in the 5 National Parks surrounding Life Quest Girls Academy. Other activities include sports like basketball, volleyball, yoga, pickle ball, and more. Our students also have the opportunity to garden, raise chickens, and participate in school-wide activities like bonfires, cookouts, and more.  We are also heavily involved with many 4-H club activities such as horses and sheep that become available to the students after they complete their academics for the day.  The “fun” activities are unlocked by each student as they complete their academic responsibilities and requirements for the day.

Do the students interact with animals?

Yes. These interactions are earned privileges. If a student is allergic to a specific animal, we request a doctor’s note be provided.

How does my daughter advance through the Self-Improvement Course?

The Self-Improvement Course becomes available to students after they complete school for the day.  The course contains 16 topics, with each topic taking roughly 2 weeks to complete. There is no set timetable for completion, however, each student is given the opportunity to progress through the course at her own pace after their daily academics are complete.  Each student is assigned a staff mentor that checks on the progress made, or lack of progress made each week for every student.  Staff are trained to hold their mentees accountable for completing the Self-Improvement Course in its entirety.  

Does my daughter have to wear a uniform?

No. Each student is allowed to wear their own clothing as long as it meets our Dress Code standards.

What is the Dress Code at Life Quest?

The Dress Code does not allow the following clothing, makeup, or hairstyles:

o No clothing that exposes the shoulders

o No clothing that exposes cleavage

o No clothing that exposes the midriff

o No clothing that exposes the upper thighs

o No extremely tight-fitting clothing

o No gang related clothing

o No obscenities allowed on clothing such as inappropriate language or images

o No extreme or conspicuous makeup styles

o No extreme or conspicuous hair styles

o No self-imposed body art or piercings such as stick & poke tattoos, ink pens, or

0 No permanent marker use on skin 

How long will my daughter be in school during the day?

A typical school day will be about 5 hours Monday through Thursday and 4 hours on Friday.  Approved breaks are provided during school hours.

How does tutoring work if my daughter needs it?

Free tutoring is available in a one-on-one online atmosphere through Alta Independent High School. Paid in person tutoring is also available if both the parents and student feel it would be beneficial.  If parents agree to paid tutoring, students can then sign up for available tutoring sessions at their convenience. 

What happens if my daughter refuses to follow the rules?

For the most part, our staff are successful using positive encouragement and motivation in helping diffuse situations that come up where students are not following rules.  A student who refuses to follow the rules will not be allowed certain after school privileges and access to off campus activities that require a student to be willingly following the Code of Conduct during the day.  Students who refuse to follow rules, or who habitually break the Student Code of Conduct will recieve Seat Time or Academic Probation.

Can my daughter be expelled from Life Quest?

Yes. We take the safety of our students and staff very seriously. Students may be expelled for threatening that safety.  Also, students who blatantly and continuously conduct rebellious behavior risk expulsion.  We welcome and encourage all parents to come sit with their daughter at our school if the students behavior becomes such that would require this type of parent involvement.  Parents will be communicated with frequently by the Academy Director if a student is in risk of potential expulsion.    

Will my daughter be expected to clean her room every day?

Yes. Cleanliness is expected everyday.  Specific chores are given to all students to help keep and maintain our campus in an acceptable manner.  Each student is expected to work with their roommates to keep their room clean and tidy on a daily basis.  

Will my daughter have to do her own laundry?

Yes. The goal with laundry is to promote independence and accountability. Staff will be available to help show them what is expected if they are unsure.  All students are assigned at least one laundry day per week.

Will my daughter have to cook her own meals?

Each student will assist in cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all students at least one day a week overseen by the Kitchen Supervisor. Each student will be trained and receive a Food Handlers Permit to ensure the safety of the food they prepare for themselves and their fellow students.

What kind of off campus activities are there?

About once a week, students who demonstrate an acceptable willingness to follow the Code of Conduct can go on a weekly off campus outing. These activities can include but are not limited to hiking, fishing, swimming, seeing a movie, bowling, going out to eat, etc.

How many staff are on shift during the day and night?

We maintain a 1 to 6 staff to student ratio between classroom, kitchen, office, and floor staff during the day.  One graveyard staff is in the building while the students sleep.

How does my daughter take her medications?

Prescribed medications are given to students as directed by the doctor and pharmacist.  Prescribed medications are all documented daily.  All over the counter medications that are given to students are closely monitored through our medical supervisor and documented daily.


Can my daughter come home while she is still enrolled at Life Quest?

Yes. Special circumstances such as weddings, family emergencies, etc. may require a student to return home for a time.  Our students are also on individual academic semester timelines.  Basically, when a student finishes a semester worth of schooling, we recommend they take a semester break.  This break can be done at Life Quest, or at home.  We also offer a break from our daily routine and structure during the days of December 23rd through January 2nd where we encourage families to bring their daughter home during those days.  Families can also opt to keep their daughter at Life Quest during those same dates, but no structured activities or schooling will be expected or performed if they stay at Life Quest.  

Can my daughter play sports at Life Quest?

Yes. In fact, it is highly encouraged. Our Sports Center is geared for students of all athletic types.  Students who desire to play organized sports may even possibly try out for the local high school sports team of their choice if the proper authorization is given by parents, the Academy Director, and the local public high school.  

Can my daughter have a special diet?

It depends. If your daughter has a specific food allergy we can make accommodations. In these cases, we request a doctor’s note specifying the need. If your daughter is a picky eater or does not like the texture of certain foods, we will not make an adjustment to her diet and she will be expected to eat the prepared meals.

What happens if my daughter gets injured?

Life Quest staff are trained to immediately respond to any injury and assess the seriousness of it. Any minor injury will follow protocol of contacting the parents first and then possible treatment. In the case of an emergency, treatment by medical professionals will be sought first followed by parent contact.

Can my daughter graduate from High School at Life Quest?

Yes. Each student is enrolled in accredited Middle School and High School courses depending on their age and grade level.  Students who go at an accelerated pace can even graduate from high school much earlier than her peers back home.  

What is the name of the High School my daughter will attend?

High school students will be enrolled at Alta Independent High School.  Alta is 100% online.

Can my daughter complete any college or vocational classes while at Life Quest?

Yes. This is available to students who have met high school course requirements and who are doing well in the Self-Improvement Course.

Does the Self-Improvement Course offer any credits?

Yes.  Upon completion of the Self-Improvement Course, each student will receive 1 academic credit towards high school graduation.

Can my daughter get her G.E.D. while at Life Quest?

It depends. If a student does not appear to be able to graduate high school prior to their 18th birthday, the G.E.D. may be an option to pursue after counseling with the student and her parents.

What happens if other students are being mean to my daughter?

We do not condone mean-spirited behavior or bullying. Our approach is to teach all of our students interpersonal skills to effectively communicate and stand their ground in a productive way, including setting specific boundaries with other students so these instances no longer occur on their terms.

Is my daughter allowed to go to the bathroom anytime she needs to?

Within reason. Each student room includes a bathroom that can be used at any time they are in their room. Students are always allowed to take bathroom breaks when needed during times they are not in their rooms, but if there is no evidence of sickness, abuse of bathroom use will be addressed.

Can my daughter go shopping?

Supervised online shopping is available for students who have special permission from parents and the Academy Director.  We don’t want this privilege to be abused, but we also understand that there may be times when online shopping is necessary and convenient.  Shopping is also permitted during parent visits.

Can my daughter get a job?

Yes. There are many opportunities for students to work off campus. Students can qualify for job opportunities by meeting requirements for school and demonstrating patterns of following the Code of Conduct during the week.  Off campus employment is not available for students under 14 years of age.

What if my daughter turns 18 while enrolled at Life Quest?

We do not keep students after they turn 18. However, we do assist our 17-year-old students to create a plan for their upcoming adult life.  We are happy to assist students into adulthood when and if the time comes while they are enrolled at Life Quest.

How nice is the facility at Life Quest?

Our facility is built well and modest. The main building was built in 1953 and was used as a nursing facility before being remodeled to serve as Life Quest Girls Academy today.  We pride our building on its much character that is on display as well as providing the ideal setting for an online school environment.  There is plenty of space and study options beyond the regular classroom location.  With our small class sizes, the main campus definitely provides a healthy, safe learning environment.  Our Vocational building is more modern and is separate from the main campus.  Within short walking distance, the Vocational Building serves the purpose for most of our after school activities where students can be involved in after their studies at the main campus are complete for the day.  Much time and resources have been put into both buildings to make them comfortable and  safe for our students to learn, live, and excel.

What happens if my daughter self-harms?

In these circumstances, we recommend seeking out a licensed therapist for your daughter where she can get the needed help for such choices in behavior. We can offer recommendations for those seeking local treatment while enrolled.

What happens if my daughter runs away from Life Quest?

Life Quest is not a “LockDown” facility.  Due to the amount of activities we have off campus with students continually transitioning between outdoor locations on campus and between our two buildings, a student who is considered to be a “run risk” is not a good fit for our Boarding School environment.

What is the tuition cost?

Tuition starts at $5,500 per month. Depending on availability, and qualifications, financial aid scholarship options are attainable to help offset tuition costs.

What is Life Coaching and how does it work?

Life Coaching is available for all students who desire this service.  Life Coaching is done through a certified Life Coach where students receive in person coaching sessions during which in depth discussions are had about the students current state and future goals.  Life Coaching can continue after the student leaves Life Quest if desired.  Weekly, or bi-monthly sessions are availble.  Life Coaching services is an additional charge beyond regular tuition charges.

Is Life Quest a troubled girls facility?

No.  Life Quest Girls Academy is a Boarding School.  If your daughter is not capable of handling herself in an appropriate manner, or if she is in need of a more restrictive environment, Life Quest is not the right fit for your daughter.  As a Boarding School, Life Quest is capable of handling mild, typical teenage behaviors.  Any student with severe behavior patterns should not enroll at Life Quest.

What is the Self-Improvement Course?

The Self-Improvement Course is a critical component of what makes Life Quest Girls Academy students successfully well rounded young ladies.  Students who complete the Self-Improvement Course have the ability to demonstrate that they can safely and independently navigate their own lives by making wise, self-serving choices.  The Self-Improvement Course is comprised of 4 Modules, each Module containing 4 Topics of study for a total of 16 Topics.  Each Topic requires a minimum of 2 weeks to complete.  Each topic provides a learning opportunity for each student that teaches them timeless life values that all parents want for their daughter that will undoubtedly help her be successful in and out of the classroom.  The goal of the Self-Improvement Course is to develop strengths in each student where they develop honesty, reliability, grit, determination, healthy boundaries, and above all strong character as students and productive citizens in society where they live their lives by example.  Completion of the Self-Imrovement Course provides one academic elective credit towards high school graduation.  Life Quest Girls Academy students need to be willing to complete the Modules and Topics assigned to them and parents need to help hold them accountable through completion of all 4 Modules.

What is Academic Probation and Seat Time?

Students who make poor behavior choices during the day may earn Academic Probation and or Seat Time.  Depending on the severity of the infraction to the Student Code of Conduct, and the overall attitude of the student, Seat Time or Academic Probation may be assigned to the student.  Seat Time is shorter in length than Academic probation.  If a student is assigned Seat Time or Academic Probation, they are expected to remain in school for the duration of the day as they forfeit the many after school activities that Life Quest offers.  It is possible for students who perform well while assigned Seat Time or Academic Probation to more quickly earn access to all after school activities that are offered.