Life Quest Girls Academy Staff

Monte & Rachael Hawkins - Owners

Monte’s professional background began in public education both as a teacher and as an administrator/principal for over 10 years.  While Monte enjoyed learning and serving in the public school setting, he and Rachael often dreamed of opening a school together to promote not just academics, but principle-based living as well. 

Rachael is a certified Life Coach and has enjoyed spending many years working with youth in various different settings, but has found her niche working with teenagers. It is both Monte’s and Rachael’s goal and vision to provide girls with the opportunity to succeed academically, emotionally, and physically.

They are so excited to see their dream come to reality as they help each student continue to grow, succeed, and prepare for a successful life in college, the workforce, in their future homes and families, and in life in general.

Brandon Robinson - Academy Director

Brandon Robinson is the Academy Director at Life Quest. He has worked at Quest for a few years now and has filled a lot of different roles. He spent all of his professional career working with teenagers. He spent time as a special education aide, then moved on to being the behavior specialist for the local school district. This gave him an opportunity to work with students, and train staff how to work with all sorts of different students. Life Quest is home and he has loved getting to work with the students here. 

Prairie Warmoth - Student Coordinator

Devin Woolsey - Marketing Director

Devin comes to Life Quest Girls Academy with a diverse 14-year portfolio in marketing and sales. He started his career in newspaper and tourism advertising but after earning his associate's Degree in Digital Media and his Bachelor's Degree in Business Management & Marketing, he moved into digital marketing where he has created and built a digital presence for dozens of businesses and organizations. We are excited to have his experience and expertise on our staff here at Life Quest.

Daren Lauritzen

Admissions Director

Ali Eisenach

Culinary Assistant Supervisor

Ali loves cooking and mentoring the girls in the kitchen! Cooking and baking is her ‘love language’ and she always finds an excuse to bake those comfort foods the girls love!Ali loves all things food, trying new recipes, photographing food, and teaching the girls how to cook.

She has created more than ten recipe books and published other educational materials. She is a mom of four kids, loves gardening, reading,and spending time with her family and if she could have her wish she would travel the world and try every cuisine.

Caitlyn Robinson

Culinary Supervisor

Caitlyn has worked at Life Quest for almost two years. One year as a student mentor and one year as the kitchen supervisor. Her favorite thing about Life Quest is building relationships with the girls no matter how small. She loves finding little things in common with each of them and seeing them progress in all that they do.

Caysen Crum

Tutor/Shift Leader

Makayla Marziale

Support Staff

Makayla Marziale

Support Staff